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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 09:45

President Continues Visit to Karaçant Quarter

President Continues Visit to Karaçant Quarter
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Kars Mayor Karaçant Murtaza , the neighborhood continues their visit.

Kars news: Photo from the day of the public selected intertwined with Murtaza Karaçant the Mayor , the city's oldest neighborhood sweetheart who visited the Old City Quarter. Honorary President toured the streets with neighborhood headman Karaçant Workers received information about the problems of the neighborhood. President was accompanied Karaçanta apartment managers. Photo Old City neighborhood, pointed out that one of the city's oldest neighborhood neighborhood headman of Honor Workers , which under the castle , and said efforts were made to return to the old days of identical neighborhoods with the castle.
President Murtaza Karaçanta the neighborhood into his headmen voicing his satisfaction with the visit laborers , \"Past Old City neighborhood was one of the Kars's most modern neighborhood. But the neighborhood drain in time. especially in conjunction with neighborhood with the removal of the houses under the castle tradesmen kepenker the closed . We believe we can bring concur become worthy of the name of the Old City neighborhood, with the support of our President with the new municipal administration. I thank you for the visit to our neighborhood, our president , \"he said . Photo Kaleici mahalesi residents with the chatter President Karaçant to , that the residents always open themselves of the municipality's door of citizens with problems and complaints are always problems and complaints was ask them rusty with it. the Mayor stated that they gave Photo citizen-focused service Murtaza Karaçant , \"is not sitting in the Municipal authorities made ​​bulunarak among the people . We will work without a break in the task we are going to 5 years. Citizens not bring our feet , and we'll go to the foot of our people. If this occurs, our service quality will increase further , \"he said .
Old City neighborhood who are in place needs to be done and problems with Honor Workers headman Karaçant to , relevant to the accompanying apartment manager unit problems by moving the note, gave done as soon as the necessary instructions. with Photo headmen neighborhood browsing President Karaçant and in particular said they will Bayrampaşa Creek eugenics past and environmentally bad image that under the mosque.
the other hand, neighborhood trades with a combined incoming President Karaçant has chatted with shopkeepers drank tea . President satisfied themselves that the highlight of the visit Karaçanta neighborhood neighborhood shopkeepers , voiced mamnuniyet they heard from municipal work. Karaçant President , and later was separated from the Old City neighborhood.


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