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  • 27 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 14:35

Mice Invasion Sewer District of the Republic had

Mice Invasion Sewer District of the Republic had
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Bulbul sewer rat from the creek began to upset Republican district residents.

Kars news: Bulbul sewer rat from the creek began to upset Republican district residents. Starting from a Photo Halitpaşa neighborhood Example District, Republican district and through the Nightingale Quarter sewage into homes Taking the nightingale creek connected to Kars stream mice was the nightmare of the neighborhood residents . Photo Stream late in the neighborhood of one in the Republican neighborhood houses, dozens of mouse infestation is under the evening hours . Trying to eliminate the infestation mouse by their own means residents of the neighborhood , the day is experiencing increasingly mouse numbers of helplessness voice their inability against the increase. Photo Every day dozens of mice killed the neighborhood was on , began to live in fear . Mouse in almost javelin throwing cat in size of houses, destroying goods and rations in the house also considerably. Out of the creek buildings , basements , and from there spread to the whole building residents can not get rid of the mouse , trying to protect themselves with kind resort. Some hard object while navigating in addition to taking home some are also equipped with all of the homes in the state have rat poison . Small families with kids when to refrain from using the poison mouse in terms of children's health , helplessly waiting for them to leave the mouse of their homes. Photo Nightingale Stream exiting and lengths of 30 to 40 cm in length, ranging from mice in the range stated that they killed their own means Republican district Headman Parents donation, \"because many nests of mice after partial cleaning work done in the Channel mice reigned invasion of our inundating homes out of the creek. repeatedly status even though we inform the relevant units not made ​​in concrete no interference. Channel through the mouse knows to gnaw them even sleeping children. the drugs we get from pharmacies situation does not suffice to prevent \"saying asked for support from the authorities.
other hand, who invaded the Republic neighborhood sewer rats usually residents noting that filled the night at his house , said they could not sleep until the morning and at night , they wanted to be rescued before the beer from the neighborhood of a mouse infestation. Photo

Mice Invasion Sewer District of the Republic had" comments for.


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