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  • 03 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 13:24

Mhp Central Executive Committee Member of the MAG Taner ;

Mhp Central Executive Committee Member of the MAG Taner ;
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Nationalist Movement Party (MHP ) Central Executive Committee Member Taner MAG, ethnic and sectarian tensions in the Islamic societies that captivates and he said it to the uncertainty of the future Photo Hazrat Hussein and his 72 friends of the product was martyred in Karbala 1375. year held in Kars with the anniversary occasion Members attending the memorial MHP FMC Taner MAG, peace and brotherhood in the second plan that falls, fights and hostility of the forward pass , he said .

Kars news: Photo MHP FMC Members Taner MAG, \"Muharram , remember we can not in pain, sorrows , is a time where there are hiccups and disasters . Milan was 680 Hijri violence in Karbala, 10 , Ahl al-Bayt'in the blood to remember the course canilik that caste dicar-the Companions of the lease and will not be forgotten. Muharram is oppressed oh and wail . Muharram centuries duration of the mourning , was the scene of atrocious acts that injure our hearts , \"he said . Photo blessed grandson of the Prophet of the Lord this month Hussein's and brutally slaughter his family will never leave our mind says MAG ; \"Hazrat Hussein's martyrdom common sorrow of the Muslims , the wing of our house for ages , our hearts aching and echo is no reduction in the drama . Hazrat Hussein throughout his life, were not submit to injustice , was not the primary threats has not heed to slander. Did not care about the trap , the fear of attack. The right no matter what the expense footsteps are separated path of truth from the line and Allah. the Prophet Hussein ; oppressed lush sADA , the wretches who heartfelt cries and Islamic radiant torch. Karbala is not only the Ahl al-Bayt being murdered . All of the above in Karbala had been betrayed Islam , Prophet Habibullah has been shown to reverse the violence that we are cursed in custody . Islamic world this anguish and sorrow event from the required course and the result has not been able to get unfortunately yet and interests , \"he said . Photo Still Yezit are Nimrod's , Pharaohs and their supporters are everywhere. Still they yaşanmat in Karbala , bloody events can not take the mind and attention shown mercy Taner MAG ; \"In these days the table , ethnic and sectarian tensions have taken captive of Islamic society, and future has led to uncertainty. Peace and brotherhood fallen to second place, are fighting and hostilities ahead. Without a doubt happened to the notification of the Lord is against fully to Hazrat Hussein's stance and principles. Do not search for the transfer of the Ignorant primitiveness , blood and death avid conscience , moving polarization over the sect was sentenced to a night in the pitch of the lands of Islam . Happy religion of our counter-low background and propaganda, juxtaposing , which expand their confrontation over the pain, hostilities escalate aspirations has put all Muslims . this is necessary to get out of the dark. It is natural of justice, preaching compassion , patience , tolerance , affection preaching , fellowship , intimacy , and we remain insensitive to the atrocities that occurred as members of a religion that recommend embracing, pout , we can not . Islam must be mania sincere Muslims to shield to strut their insidious purposes , demons and must not allow sharecroppers . Islamic world should refrain from self-criticism, where it is missing and omissions thick should review resolutely , \"he said . Photo Nationalist Movement Party Central Executive Committee Member Taner MAG, then said:Photo \"Flowing Muslim blood should be stopped immediately , the so-called Islam on behalf of , especially , Jihad account hitter, breaking and not given the opportunity to kill murder organizations should be tolerated . I'm a Muslim says no one from this responsibility , this historic duty should be noted that this moral duty. Coated onto the petro-dollars, heaps of energy wells around establishing the tent, orders entered into the Western-led order to continue their reign as well , sultans , kings should do their absolute soul . If your bank accounts , luxurious and glamourous lives ; If you prefer to stubbornly before the coming of Islam and Muslims , will not give an account of it in the two universe , they can not get rid of divine punishment. Polluting Islam, and the darkness that no mortal is to translate it to question , is not entitled to any unfortunate . In this respect everyone decision, pure of , where it should determine that and direction stopped . Photo Bilinmel-owned that the domestic or foreign focus, to exploit the Paygamb is our Lord and supreme notified all the insults and disrespect to all of us. Islam fool who , Almighty Almighty's commandments and so will play on use as it comes to ban the works eye of judgment who , remember that in reality Yazid's succession from the outgoing, Abu Jahl's followers , Abu is none other than Sufyan's heirs. And vanquish them are among the most obvious obligations we are . Photo intelligible to our nation that we Muharram , gives strength to the Turkish-Islamic world , will hope to bring unity and sükunat ; held fast in , made ​​the worship of the petition would be accepted by Almighty God. God's mercy , and blessings of mağrifet Ahl al-Bayt of the Prophet and friends , martyrs and martyrdom of Hazrat Hussein get over all the Turkish-Islamic martyrs like him. Hail to all the Turkish-Islamic martyrs. The curse of Allah and his followers , notably Yezit until Judgment Day get on all oppressors of our time. \"

Mhp Central Executive Committee Member of the MAG Taner ;" comments for.


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