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  • 25 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 16:16

Karsspor Club House Opening Held

Karsspor Club House Opening Held
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Regional Amateur League (BAL) championship league club was struggling Karsspor renovated building's opening .

Kars news: Regional Amateur League (BAL) championship league club was struggling Karsspor renovated building's opening . Photo Kars Governor Özdemir'n Gunay was given unity in his opening message kaltıl . Were asked to support Karsspor . Photo Club presidency after receiving the mission ruins Muharram President somehow left the clubhouse beginning down renewing Stars , said they made ​​a clubhouse worthy of Kars. Photo Karsspor Club President Muharram Stars, \"is Karsspor in the past had come tired. 7 Million. debt .And there were 24 grain lien on the facility. the team we arrived, there was no one player . There was no teacher , was even plants used. around us, our baktıpğı will gabfest with us, there were people to the path of friendship. we got to talking this business We're success. he went out to understand way . was limited of time, game , and there was a need to coach. and nobody wanted to come to Karsspor . We have before we destroy this logic , then we do the transfer player and coach. We were prepared for a short time and we are playing for the championship in this group. Hopefully tomorrow we will play the group leader will be winning the match . I am addressing everyone all here. Come one and together let's . I concur Karsspor the summit's move . Because of Muharram with the Stars is not going to work, appointees , elected officials and businessmen should take charge of their team . Only in this way can we be successful. Here's our clubhouse had been ruined . We have renewed throughout. And we opened today, \"he said. Photo spoke afterwards Governor of Kars Gunay, Ozdemir, Karsspor material and promised they would be moral support .
Tomorrow will be played Karsspor Yomrasp match the inviting all Kars Özdemir , \"Really Karsspor actually living in all of Kars and teams of all Kars living outside of Kars as governor first for her, I , Mayor all public institutions and our organizations , Kars and Ankara, all Kars living abroad such as Istanbul supposed to come with this team. Şampiynluk the race , have created a certain infrastructure in the material sense , a team made ​​up the phys physical conditions in Kars together now means our businessmen , our people , our fans sırtlanıp will bring together a critical stage . Our sport one of our göreev in the sense it would be this , \"he said . Photo Made Karssporl footballers speeches were introduced to individual announcements by guests. Made introduction followed was the opening of the club refurbished building. Photo Karsspor Club inaugurated the Building Governor Günay Özdemir, President of the Club of Muharram stars , Trade and Industry Chamber Chairman Emeritus Otegen , Lighter Ercan provincial police chief made ​​together. Then Karsspor Club President Muharram stars , ran the club to Governor Özdemir and accompanying .

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