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  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 11:19

Enthusiasm Da Arpaçay 94.Yıl

Enthusiasm Da Arpaçay 94.Yıl
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The liberation from enemy occupation of Kars edited Arpaçay District 94 was celebrated with various activities.

Kars news: Photo Arpaçay enemy occupation of the liberation of the 94 Anniversary of the stage of Turkish folk music and loved the sound of Sip , said he was excited participants with the beautiful song from another. Photo Events, the Atatürk monument in Republic Square, Governor Faruk Erdem, Municipal Chairman of the Altai Erçetin began with a wreath presentation by the Garrison Commander Lieutenant Ellis Steel . Photo Arpaçay organized by the District and Municipal Arpaçay celebrations continued in YİBO Sports Hall. Silence and the National Anthem to read the following activities starting , Governor Faruk Erdem, Mayor Erçetin Altai and Garrison Commander Lieutenant Ellis Steel , citizens, students and teachers attended. Photo of the Day and meaning of speech on the importance Arpaçay Mayor Erçetin Altai made . Altai is since the cubit , which harp courses in each semester and prepositions our Central Asia established in Anatolia door of West immigrated to the Turkish tribes and heroes Turkish Government to Serhat guard who Arpaçay enemy occupation of the liberation of the 94's have celebrated the anniversary with county public happiness the said that they live in. Photo President Erçetin Altai, to get the old resentment so pity you slaughter which the Armenians of their ability to Turkey before liberation by attacking the Turkish village of cruel districts and counties , he said women and the children slaughter they did. Photo Altai, the Great Leader Atatürk'the order of the glorious Turkish army on the Eastern Front Commander Kazim Karabekir Pasha and Halit Pasha combine forces with the introduction of the heroes of our army orient the front under the command of our Serhat Town on 30 November 1920 said they recover from Arpaçay enemy occupation . Nation lands every inch of thousands of martyrs of our nation stretching his chest against the enemy homeland of Altai President stated that they recover , our grandparents Armenians drew attention to the cavity forever from Turkish territory. After Independence activities of Photo speeches continued with students'poetry. Then Kars artist Burhan Lightning took the stage. Exhibitors who sang folk songs accompanied by lightning hearts , he found opportunity to have fun .
Finally, the Turkish folk music scene sip strong voice , sang beautiful songs from each other . In the words of the song was accompanied by members of the protocol sip pulling ropes . Sip sang , had a spectacular day of salvation to Arpaçaylı with songs. Independence Day activities ended after the show folklore. Governor Faruk Erdem Mayor Erçetin Altai, sip a plaque and Caucasian rug was a gift. Photo FIREWORKS brought Bath Bath to SHOW Arpaçay SEMA Photo festivities fireworks held in the evening Arpaçay Square was overwhelmed with the show . Fireworks show before Governor Faruk Erdem Mayor Erçetin Altai and Garrison Commander Lieutenant Ellis Steel and other protocol members wish lanterns flying the \"God grant to celebrate a day of salvation in this nation,\"they wished.


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