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  • 30 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 13:40

Craftsmen's Annual Fees Payable Configuring

Craftsmen's Annual Fees Payable Configuring
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Annual dues debts of Tradesmen and Craftsmen in Kars being configured.

Kars news: Annual dues debts of Tradesmen and Craftsmen in Kars being configured. Photo Kars Tradesmen and Artisans Chambers , the President of the Union ( KARSESOB ) Adam Burulday, September 11, 2014 dated and 29116 numbered Repeated published in the Official Gazette 6552 No.'Bag'configuration of the Act with the artisans and annual dues that artisans have to pay the room where they are registered debt he said covered . Photo Burulday, annual dues trades who want to benefit from the provisions laid down in relation to the restructuring of debt and artisans , he said that they should make an application with a petition or writing room until the end of November 2014 .
KARSESOB President Adam Burulday, the debt to the original , which is currently being implemented in 3095 numbered rather than the interest rate stipulated in the Law on Legal interest and Default Interest , domestic producer price index ( YI-PPI) rates , he said applied. Photo Burulday, required the payment of trades in the first installment payment period of total debt to be paid in cash by the end of December 2014, a 10 per cent discount from the event will be held in total debt , he added . Photo

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