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  • 03 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 12:33

Commemoration of Martyrs of Karbala in Kars

Commemoration of Martyrs of Karbala in Kars
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Kars news: Hussein and memorial ceremony was held 72 1375. Due to the anniversary of the martyrs of Karbala derivation of friends. Rated thousands of citizens attended the ceremony. Photo ceremony in the morning , Ali Bazaar Mosque , thousands of people gathered in front , ahead of the Turkish flag, Ali and Faikbey Street from the Central Ahl Illuminated Mosque Atatürk posters and walked from here to the Garrison cemetery . Sine and chains hit the attendees were served hot tea and sherbet roadsides .
Ceremony at the Garrison cemetery , the position in respect to the martyrs began with the National Anthem and read. Illuminated Mosque Imam Syed Ahmed speaking here Erdem, finger pressing danger to which he was the son of our Prophet turns out to be martyred in Karbala on the road today, he would not live this pain in the Islamic world . Ahmet Virtue, \"Islam is murdered. How in Karbala , a bit like in Karbala , if they cut the head of the sons of the prophets , accompanied by soldiers takbirs belonging to Yezit , if they burn how the tents of the son of the prophet accompanied takbirs in Karbala , Karbala, how our Prophet , accompanied by their Takbir name of Islam Quran hafiz they slaughtered the Companions. if they cut off their heads , and now , unfortunately, some Islamic lands in the same method , beginning with Muslims takbir is interrupted. Karbala are it turns out , pressing fingers to which the danger of the son of our Prophet in Karbala had been understood to be a martyr by fighting it on the road today this pain in the Islamic world uninhabitable did , \"he said . Photo Garrison cemetary thousands of speeches made ​​at a ceremony in front of people visit family graves in the New neighborhood Cemetery , Koran-Quran read , he prayed . Governor Photo commemoration Günay Özdemir, Municipal Karaçant the President Murtaza , Safety Director Ercan Cakmak, heads of civil society organizations, political party representatives and citizens .

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