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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 10:43

Come meet us in Arpaçay Olalım Police Tanıyalım Project

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Kars District Governorship Arpaçay implemented'Come, Let us , our Meet the Police'project continues.

Kars news: Photo Arpaçay District coordinated the District Police Amirliği'n of Police of introducing order 2013-2014 academic year, the district implemented in schools of Directorate of Education \"Come Olalım Police our Tanıyalım 1''project this year, \"Come Olalım Police our Getting to know 2'will continue as the project. project implemented last year
Arpaçay within the framework of the provision of children's and young people's personal and social development , through the implementation of measures relating to the social aspects of conservation as well as their social and educational provision of supports beneficial to society individuals as had taken the project is very positive responses that contribute to growth .
introduction of police and police-student-enabling the development of a guardian notably by taking very positive feedback from parents and educators projects developed even further this year, \"Come, Let us police our Tanıyalım 2'name promulgated .
further developed under the project will be carried out this year ; As for children and young people in Araçay social and cultural activities , picnics , support of basic education , organizing sporting events, children at risk , such as gaining society as healthy individuals who carried out activities in many aspects . Photo IC

Come meet us in Arpaçay Olalım Police Tanıyalım Project" comments for.


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