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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 10:43

AK Party deputy Ahmet Arslan from Karsspor Description

AK Party deputy Ahmet Arslan from Karsspor Description
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Kars AK Party deputy Ahmet Arslan, to cut off the electricity of Karsspor do everything in its power plant , he said .

Kars news: Photo Arslan , while Karsspor administrator to configure the debt < strong> ARAS EDCo , the authorities have come together until the day determined by noting that in the air of their promise. Photo against the AK Party deputy Ahmet Arslan, found the statement about the cutting off of electricity of Karsspor plant. Photo Karsspor cutting issues Karsspor President with regard to the electrical Muharram stars and Deputy Mayor Armstrong stated that called him Jacob Yildiz , whereupon < strong> ARAS EDCo 's in consultation with the Director General Abdul Karim Göker said he wanted to help them Karsspor administrator. many times by themselves Photo Arslan General Manager Göker the Karsspor an executive come together and have argued that they had to cut electricity for which payment are negotiated in relation to debt .
< strong> ARAS EDCo power to the cutting of the facilities of the authorities to postpone said they are providing , as well as a convenient way to configure the promise that highlight Arslan , though Karsspor managers they take a step to debt structuring and drew attention to stay in the air of promise.
against the AK Party deputy Ahmet Arslan, \"Karsspor facilities in relation to the cutting off of electricity Karsspor President and Vice-Mayor James star status by calling me they told . I have < strong> ARAS EDCo I called the authorities . They tell me,'we have met many times , but the club that we have to pay for electricity cut us ,'they said . I said,'no, we Karssporu are damaged, we must help our club ,'I said . Thereupon they'okay'they said. < strong> ARAS EDCo officials in calling them on it would certainly be postponed for the time being the power outage at the request Ahmet Arslan . However, as we have said about the negotiations to come to Erzurum configuration . Last week we talked about the issue on Monday . And on Thursday they would go to Erzurum. 30 thousand. they invested. And they did so would also cut off the electricity restructuring . The President called me and over again Muharram Stars'< strong> ARAS EDCo is calling him , and we will come together configuration , thank you. Will cut our electricity , \"he said . Arslan indicating Photo of quasi Kars MPs in the city is not an accurate weather the creation pretended not come with Karsspor , said:Photo \"But Karsspor managers have left to go configuration Erzurum. Thereupon General Manager of the heavens is also called me and explained the situation'were still to come . Our teams have to KEMSAN electricity . We have no choice . We're giving our own organization administrator account . In addition, our responsibility and we have to cut against the TEDAŞ there , \"he said . But the cut and elekritk be doing on my part and I've been asked more than anyone else to be structured in accordance with the terms of the debt. I did everything I could about ensuring ease . Later, Deputy Mayor James Stars called me back . I explained the situation to him and said,'I < strong> ARAS EDCo I made a promise to the authorities. You need yapmayınca the air stayed at my word. And it was not fulfilled my promise as Ahmet Arslan . \"

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