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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 16:01

AK Party Central District President of Kars 5th Ordinary Congress Held

AK Party Central District President of Kars 5th Ordinary Congress Held
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AK Party Presidency 5 Kars Central District was held at the Ordinary Congress of the Provincial Directorate of Culture Hall.

Kars news: Photo Kars Central District President of the General Assembly 5th District into a single list available Yusuf Kaya Ordinary Congress , re-elected president . A congress held in Hall Photo Directorate of Culture Prof. AK Party deputies Kars Dr. Yunus Kılıç , Ahmet Arslan, Provincial President Ali Shakir Yurdakoş , Provincial and District Directorates , Mayors, delegates, neighborhood and attended the village with representatives of the party .
AK Party Central District President of the 5th Ordinary Congress of the Council Chairmanship of the Provincial President Ali Shakir Yurdakoş did . Photo Taking the Central District President Yusuf Kaya,'New Turkey, New Power , Target 2023', said they started out with slogans. Photo Rock, \"Today's motto here AK Party the'New Turkey, New Power , Target 2023'We will do our slogan congress in Kars, Central District starting . we've worked hard extracting lessons from the mayoral elections we had the unfortunate on March 30. August 10 presidential elections in 2011 on the general election vote by the great masters Recep Tayyip Erdogan'I have sent in the lodge president , \"he said .
Prof. AK Party Deputy Yunus Kılıç said that the AK Party congress serve as an example in Turkish politics. Photo by Prof. Dr. Sword, \"the selection process of the AK Party congress processes support always the one , I can put a little excitement in me that people that have the desire , the family , especially somewhere in the mission to get by with more support not desire with excitement, but election day nears everyone in maturity will contribute to the organization AK Party to power in some way come to the convention hall to consolidate their power. in peace , they made ​​their choices in love and respect to one another . and then becomes the processes they go with their choice they . So our congress , our will on congress will actually serve as an example to the Turkish political history. Look 12 years our history we have done 5 times the usual convention . this shows that . We ran very well this process . And these processes from after the result , gave their votes to what , we will respect the select ones . And we stand behind them. always makes ordinary going on. Can not be extraordinary . our Our congress , \"he said .
Finally, the area deputy Ahmet Arslan, said:Photo \"AK party case , certainly not the party of the people . People say we Recep Tayyip Erdogan as the natural leader to cater to this case ;'Being in the public service for today's soldiers in this case to be the servants of the people , but there were also soldiers of this case in the past . Full-thousand years ago , a thousand years ago Harak NEW Hazrat Hasan had come to this region is the case we take . Came her and in this geography with him, Islam , Turkishness , explained Islam in this region , ancestors had occasion to come to this land , it has been martyred along şüheda and then, there are in this region of about 1.5 million martyrs ancestry . Not much 1.5 million martyrs ancestry , 50 kilometers , at the expense of the donor exactly 100 years ago in Sarikamish , 100 thousand of us who were killed them without any hesitation to leave a good legacy , 90 thousand with respect to all of them, mercy , gratitude and we pray. Here we say that this case is a thousand years of litigation. With Hasan Harakani Holiness , this case is 950-year lawsuit. Sultan Alparslan a lawsuit is started exactly 950 years ago 1064't Ani to come . This case is the case of ancestors who died 100 years ago, without blinking an eye . To pursue this case , this case continues today, has left to us, we hope our children tomorrow , we will entrust our grandchildren . So today is the leader of this case and thanks to you today , thanks to the country offer respect Recep Tayyip The Presidential Authority emerged Erdogan. \"Photo was passed to Made of increased budget negotiations conversation. Income and expenditure and annual reports were read. In the result of the election one candidate Yusuf Kaya re-entering the election of the AK Party was elected Chairman of the Central District .


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