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  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 12:00

95 Kidney Patients Waiting in Kars!

95 Kidney Patients Waiting in Kars!
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Organ Donation Week at a meeting held in Kars, 94 thus appeared to expect the patient's kidney .

Kars news: Photo Kars State Hospital Hospital Administrator Chamber of Organ Donation briefing was held to mark the week .
the meeting, Secretary General of the Association of Public Hospitals Dr. Kars Citations Sea, Kars State Hospital Hospital Administrator Uzi . Dr. Lucky Vahap and Kars Mufti Mehmet Young joined the plant staff and the hospital . Photo Kars Public Hospitals Association Secretary General Dr. Citations Sea, donate the organs of the vitality of a grown man and said they strongly desire to give her vitality. Photo by Dr. Sea, \"If we consider our own hospital , entering the 95 grain hemodialysis , we have patients who spend there 3-4 hours . Last year, two brain death has occurred , but both have been accepted by the relatives of the patients to do organ donation. We need to build on this sentiment society. Of course this religious have faith dimension. Kars took place two brain death in terms of population , both will not admit it . in a few cases . we do need to subtract the very highest level. 95 people waiting for it. this week I got to spread to the whole year. what's with the other institutions in Kars can we issue the need to talk. we can arrange panels with our agency about it. of course, who knows the ropes about health on this issue as health professionals, we are how we stand . our doctor in Featured, our hospital staff , we who know how important the health of to what extent we're standing next to it. from health institutions starting supposed to extend to all institutions in Kars . I hope this get a head start . In the future , we move it to the very top level . Get better our Week Organ Donation , \"he said . Photo Kars State Hospital Hospital Administrator Uz. Vahap is Lucky, Kars province in 95 hemodialysis patients, the presence of the Kars about organ failure , he said showed that very innocent. Photo Kars citizens to raise awareness much more about organ donation in hospitals within the'organ Donation clinic'and the hotline to create work for the termination point Uz. Lucky, \"Anesthesiology and Reanimation Specialist uz.dr.esengül Cheese Basaran and nurses to drop Gökdeniz soon the department in coordination noted that time opened . Photo Uzi . Dr. Lucky for organ donation in Kars application had been made to the hospital , the organ donation card to organ donation , he noted is sufficient to complete and sign the presence of two witnesses. Later
meeting spoke Kars Provincial Mufti Mehmet Young , said:< br/> \"Dear God our region primarily this organ donation week , are bestowed to be instrumental in the country with our no. to Allah all of us, all religious brothers and sisters , this consciousness is destined soul of all our people. Because our course most here confident they always dealt with in terms of religion . the person died time to put in the grave ? Here's how it will go ? will go missing membered ? what will happen if she goes missing membered ? Here there is grave sprinklers to be asked , there will be blind ? Azam will be missing me ? such people have questions that poke the direction of ethereal . But this is a fact , Islam a religion that attaches importance to human life. so be legitimate even forbidden in case of necessity , legitimation enough to sustain human life shows it. what is haram should maintain human life when it is necessary in the words of a verse can lose one and you can drink. This , of course, not to be able to get enough , such that it can sustain human life . Now is also the case in the organ transplantation. Organ transplantation, no doubt to save a human life , is to add life to human life. Therefore, one can give charity . That man is a living example of his life as a charity donation . \"Organ Donation Week Photo hence the meeting held in Kars , 95 kidney patients wait organs appeared .


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